Doubling Freight Transportation Performance by 2025

In the face of looming environmental challenges and ongoing economic malaise, now is the time for big thinking, followed by intelligent planning and well-coordinated action. Welcome to OnTrackAmerica. Our commitment is to double North American freight transportation performance by 2025.

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Model State Plan

OnTrackAmerica is leading a national collaborative project to develop a best practice model for results-producing state-level freight transportation planning.

This growing collaborative effort has led to the launching of OnTrackPennsylvania, our initial statewide effort to advance this new paradigm. Join us in creating and editing the OnTrackPennsylvania Freight System Action Plan.

An Open Letter to Warren Buffett

Mr. Buffett, congratulations on your purchase of the BNSF Railway. It is a welcome investment in North America’s transportation system. It also provides a timely opening to address a systemic, long-standing problem... Read More

OnTrackAmerica conveys a new talking point for railroads

Railroads, in addition to being energy efficient, are also tremendously space efficient. A compelling way to express this is: It takes a 27-mile convoy of tractor-trailers on the highway to move the same goods as a one-mile train.

Edward Burkhardt Supports Rail Industry Future With $75,000 Donation to OnTrackAmerica

Earlier this year Edward A. Burkhardt, founder, president and chief executive officer of Rail World Inc., a Chicago-based railway investment, management and consulting firm, pledged his support to OnTrackAmerica, a non-profit organization committed to developing and implementing a comprehensive and sustainable plan for freight transportation in North America, through donations totaling $75,000. Burkhardt, widely regarded as a leader in railway management, donated the money to help OnTrackAmerica fulfill its mission.

Michael Sussman Introduces Renowned Historian Maury Klein at SCORT Conference

In the Philadelphia office of OTA President Michael Sussman, one name appears over and over on the bookshelves: Maury Klein, professor emeritus of history at the University of Rhode Island, and perhaps the nation’s foremost rail historian. A longtime fan of Dr. Klein’s work, Sussman was recently given the chance to introduce Klein as a speaker at AASHTO’s Standing Committee On Rail Transportation (SCORT) conference in Oklahoma City on September 21st.

Penn State's Dr. Barbara Gray Wins Grant to Study OTA

Dr. Barbara Gray, co-founder and director of Penn State’s Center for Research in Conflict and Negotiation (CRCN), is the author of Collaborating: Finding Common Ground for Multiparty Problems.  So it should come as no surprise that when Michael Sussman was starting out in his efforts to bring collaborative practices to the short-line railroad industry, he gave Barbara (pictured) a call. 

Michael Sussman’s writing featured in Business Intelligence Success Factors

The newly released book, Business Intelligence Success Factors, features Michael Sussman’s writing. His contribution to the conclusion of Chapter 4, Collaboration, is a case study that “describes how collaboration is helping to rebuild and strengthen the national railway system." Read the full article in The Inside Track

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